Suede, Derek Jarman, me and YouTube

Maybe they did it a while ago and I didn’t notice, but it seems YouTube has finally upped the limit of uploads from 100MB to 1GB a clip. This is great news as I rarely make anything less than 30 minutes and normally at least double that. 

So, new content. First up, an old VHS that never had an audience; a video of the concert I produced between Suede and Derek Jarman in July 1993 at London’s Clapham Grand. The recording was almost an accident. We only had two camcorders there but the footage was so good, concert collaborators David Lewis, Andy Crabb, James Mackay and I, with the help of Jason Collier, cut a little memoir of the show. I recently came across a VHS so I uploaded it for all to see (for a limited time only) on my YouTube account
I’ve also uploaded the whole of ‘Lives Less Ordinary: Ian Shaw’. A 30 minute documentary I made in 2001 which is one of my own personal favourites.

Easter Sunday

My company (Carbon) has turned this two-hour special round in twelve weeks for Channel 4. A fascinating programme. Theologian Robert Beckford and the team travelled across the globe – to Jerusalem, India, Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey – to reassess the fate of the 12 disciples. I on the other hand got to travel to a studio in Acton where I created and directed the studio sequences; the concept involved re-interpreting Da Vinci’s Last Supper onto twelve canvasses (thank you Adrian Baumgartner, I know this nearly killed you).
Enjoy the programme; there’s lots of mystery and conspiracy. It starts at 5.45pm tonight (Easter Sunday) on Channel 4, and – as it was all shot in lovely HD – you can also find it on Channel 4 HD.  C4 microsite here

Little Britain Down Under

Little Britain Down Under is now available on the new Little Britain Abroad DVD.

Dainton Connell

I met Dainton in 1991 when I first worked with the Pet Shop Boys. He was unique, warm, and extraordinary. Rarely are people such a constant; loved by all, a pleasure to be with, completely genuine and profoundly generous and protective.

His death today in Moscow has left me shocked beyond words. :O(

TX news

Little Britain Down Under airs at 9pm, Friday July 27th, 2007, on BBC ONE.

Little Britain Down Under

I had the pleasure of spending 2 months in Australia with Matt Lucas and David Walliams earlier this year, filming a documentary for BBC1 called (unsurprisingly) Little Britain Down Under.

They were touring the final leg of their huge stage show. It was great fun, as you’ll see in the documentary. There are – of course – various characters and hilarious sketches from Little Britain Live, not all of which went as planned, and a variety of other guests including Kath and Kim, Dame Edna and Harold Bishop. I finished editing it all a few weeks back and it should air soon. The BBC have posted the opening sequence on YouTube and you can see it here. I’ll post the TX date as soon as it’s scheduled.

Jump London DVD re-release and other PK bits

Here’s a sneak preview of the new Jump London DVD sleeve. It’s been re-designed to match the look of the Jump Britain DVD (the disc will feature the original content, though also sports a new look). It’s out next month!

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of Parkour, the U.S. publication Smithsonian Magazine ran a piece recently on the growth of Parkour in the post Casino Royale [2006] world. Read it online here.

I had lunch with Sebastien in Paris the other day and interesting to note that he’s stopped using the word Parkour again as he did when we were shooting Jump London, though he was using it again the following year when we made the sequel. He also told me some very interesting news about one future project, but swore me to secrecy. Sorry, lol.

Post-lunch, Sebastien and the wonderfully mad Jerome Dion (who worked with us on Jump Britain) in Paris, May 2007.