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Jump magazine interview

Urban Freeflow – who featured heavily in my 2005 film Jump Britain – ran an extensive interview with me in the first issue of their new Parkour magazine last month. Anyone who liked that film or Jump London will hopefully find it interesting.



Jump London DVD re-release and other PK bits

Here’s a sneak preview of the new Jump London DVD sleeve. It’s been re-designed to match the look of the Jump Britain DVD (the disc will feature the original content, though also sports a new look). It’s out next month!

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of Parkour, the U.S. publication Smithsonian Magazine ran a piece recently on the growth of Parkour in the post Casino Royale [2006] world. Read it online here.

I had lunch with Sebastien in Paris the other day and interesting to note that he’s stopped using the word Parkour again as he did when we were shooting Jump London, though he was using it again the following year when we made the sequel. He also told me some very interesting news about one future project, but swore me to secrecy. Sorry, lol.

Post-lunch, Sebastien and the wonderfully mad Jerome Dion (who worked with us on Jump Britain) in Paris, May 2007.

Jump London DVD re-release

Finally, some 18 months after it disappeared after a change of distributor Jump London is being re-released on DVD in July (the 14th I believe).

It wasn’t a well timed absence as it’s been an interesting time for Parkour and the demand for Jump London has been high. Eon – who contacted me after Jump Britain was aired in order to put Sebastien into Casino Royale – were graceful enough to acknowledge it’s influence and include a clip in James Bond For Real, Sebastien also toured with Madonna, and Anthony Mingella’s movie ‘Breaking and Entering’ (another Jump influenced project) was released. All of this made Jump London something of a cult DVD, and it’s been changing hands for around £100 here in the UK and upto $200 elsewhere.

Anyway, you don’t have to pay those prices anymore. It’s available here in all it’s region-free glory for a mere £14.99. The disc content remains the same, but there’s a new sleeve, which is good as the original one – above – is a bit crap, lol.