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Concrete Circus: the films and music

Great feedback on Concrete Circus: Twitter trending, C4 online site straining, YouTube view clocking goodness. I’m very proud of the documentary and the films we made. The thing that’s invisible in the documentary is the process of my involvement with and input to the 4 films and their directors, but it’s possibly the most rewarding part of the experience for me. I loved the collaboration with Brett Novak, Kendy Ty, Stu Thomson and Claudiu Voicu – thanks guys!

Here are links to the new films and the finale of Concrete Circus, Barbican Bolero.

Keelan Philips: Release (by Kendy Ty)
Danny MacAskill: Industrial Revolutions (by Stu Thomson)
Kilian Martin: A Skate Illustration (by Brett Novak)
Storm: Origins (by Claudiu Voicu)
Keelan, Danny, Kilian, Paul and Phil: Barbican Bolero (by Mike Christie)

Also lots of people are asking about the music in Concrete Circus. The main score, along with the music used in Storm:Origins and over the Barbican finale, was composed by Ian Masterson and is available on iTunes. Thomas Beach also provided some of the documentary tracks used in Concrete Circus, as well as collaborating with Ian on the music for my documentaries Jump London and Jump Britain.

The music for the other 3 films:

Kilian Martin – A Skate Illustration: Rescue Radio by Soft Bullets.
Keelan Phillips – Release: track composed for the film by Oliver Boni.
Danny MacAskill – Industrial Revolutions: The Wolves by Ben Howard.

Thoroughly loved making Concrete Circus. Hopefully we’ll get it out to the rest of the world very soon. Watch this space for more details. The whole project (including all the new films) is © Renegade Pictures and ChristieHQ so don’t get any funny ideas ;O)


Concrete Circus trailer #1

Here’s the first trailer for Concrete Circus. This features a glimpse of one shot of each of the four new films, and one shot from the finalé…


I’m stoked about my new production for Channel 4, Concrete Circus (working title).

Inspired by the sporting and filmmaking talents behind the most amazing urban sports virals of the last 2 years, the film brings together the “stars” and directors from the four very different sports for the very first time: Urban trials rider Danny MacAskill; the mesmerizing skateboarder Kilian Martin (and his LA filmmaker Brett Novak); Storm Freerun’s Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph – a veteran of my film Jump Britain – along with British Parkouriste Phil Doyle and Canada’s Mathieu Ledoux (working with director Claudiu Voicu); and finally, worldwide BMX flatland star Keelan Philips (shooting with a director making his debut sports film, Kendy Ty).

The feature-length documentary will explore the lives and skills of all of these spectacular talents from both in-front of and behind the camera. But that’s not all. Concrete Circus will chart the creation of four brand new, breath-taking and beautiful films by the four filmmakers. Together these new films will be premiered as the centerpiece of the documentary.

The documentary conclusion – directed by yours truly – fuses the four different sports and disciplines together into a unique finale.

I’m making the film with my friends at Renegade Pictures and it airs on Channel 4 later this summer as part of a major season about street culture.

Jump magazine interview

Urban Freeflow – who featured heavily in my 2005 film Jump Britain – ran an extensive interview with me in the first issue of their new Parkour magazine last month. Anyone who liked that film or Jump London will hopefully find it interesting.