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Big Art

In the summer of 2003, my business partner Mike Smith had a brain wave in a pub toilet. It was called ‘Paint Britain’ and involved getting the British public to commission art. It was one of the first ideas we pitched when Carbon started in 2004 and after a year of development it went into production as ‘The Big Art Project’. The art in question was now to be found outside the gallery because the second realisation had been ‘what have the public got to do with public art?’

I had the pleasure of shooting the first phase in 2006; the site selection and some of the curator and artist selection, which makes up most of prog 1 and some of prog 2.

Four years after it’s commission, the TV series begins this evening. Four programmes that took four years and resulted in real change and debate in a number of communities around the UK. I don’t think there’ll ever be a TV series like it, because – quite simply – despite the fact it happened because of the TV series, it’s all so much bigger than that. An extraordinary journey for everyone involved. I hope you’ll watch it and see for yourself.