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Suede, Derek Jarman, me and YouTube

Maybe they did it a while ago and I didn’t notice, but it seems YouTube has finally upped the limit of uploads from 100MB to 1GB a clip. This is great news as I rarely make anything less than 30 minutes and normally at least double that. 

So, new content. First up, an old VHS that never had an audience; a video of the concert I produced between Suede and Derek Jarman in July 1993 at London’s Clapham Grand. The recording was almost an accident. We only had two camcorders there but the footage was so good, concert collaborators David Lewis, Andy Crabb, James Mackay and I, with the help of Jason Collier, cut a little memoir of the show. I recently came across a VHS so I uploaded it for all to see (for a limited time only) on my YouTube account
I’ve also uploaded the whole of ‘Lives Less Ordinary: Ian Shaw’. A 30 minute documentary I made in 2001 which is one of my own personal favourites.