Easter Sunday

My company (Carbon) has turned this two-hour special round in twelve weeks for Channel 4. A fascinating programme. Theologian Robert Beckford and the team travelled across the globe – to Jerusalem, India, Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey – to reassess the fate of the 12 disciples. I on the other hand got to travel to a studio in Acton where I created and directed the studio sequences; the concept involved re-interpreting Da Vinci’s Last Supper onto twelve canvasses (thank you Adrian Baumgartner, I know this nearly killed you).
Enjoy the programme; there’s lots of mystery and conspiracy. It starts at 5.45pm tonight (Easter Sunday) on Channel 4, and – as it was all shot in lovely HD – you can also find it on Channel 4 HD.  C4 microsite here
  1. Hi Mike,My name’s Matt Page and I run the Bible Films Blog. I enjoyed this tonight (though I must admit my blogging responsibilies meant I had to miss the last 15 minutes to watch the BBC’s The Passion – hope you can forgive me!)I was just wondering if you could tell me the names of the Jesus films you used clips from (and also where you sourced them). I recognised a number of them, but there were at least two I didn’t recognise (which is impressive as I’ve seen about 100!).If you don’t want to comment on it here you can contact me through my web site.Thanks againMatt

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